our dream team

Lana V.
Project Executive
Vahag P.
Account Executive
Alexandra H.
Website Designer
Evgeniy I.
Frontend Developer
Sergey S.
Website Designer
Kate T.
Nikita M.
Backend Developer
Kamil G.
Motion Designer
About us

We’re Pixel Pros and Coding Maniacs

At Deesse Media, we love nothing more than a good challenge. Cookie-cutter website designs don’t interest us any more than they interest the users who have seen the same design a hundred times before. That’s why all of the websites we build are creative, innovative, and one-of-a-kind. We specialize in standards-based XHTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP web development, and we are ready to help you bring your unique vision for your website to life. If you are ready to challenge us to create a website that has never been seen before, try us out today.

Leveraging a Diverse Background of Experience

There’s something to be said for the value that diversity offers. At Deesse Media, we are a small creative group of professionals with different cultural backgrounds, living all over the world. This type of diversity gives us with a range of experience and viewpoints that we leverage to create websites that go above and beyond the competition.

Building the perfect website is one part science and one part art. At Deesse Media, we recognize the importance of combining cutting-edge coding techniques with breathtaking design. Our designers and developers work together in perfect harmony to create a website that is as functional as it is stunning.

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