Jonathan E. Litinski

As a person who has little time, if any, to spend on the branding portion of my firm, Lana and her team were a godsend. I can break this process into a few steps, and in each of them, they excelled.

1. Initial concept – I was blown away by how fast she took my few notes and “wants” and turned them into a living concept.
2. Complicated and non-standard requests – Even though I don’t have much time to invest in this portion of the business, I did have a few unique ideas that she managed to create from scratch and within budget, I must add!
3. Patience – Any service provider that worked with me knows I’m a hard person to work with, both because of my scarce time and my high attention to detail. Well, she successfully aced it.
4. Budget – The project came in on budget. No hidden fees, no extras, just pure product for the quote provided.
To conclude, I’m ecstatic about my new site and the endless possibilities it brings with it. Thank you for your hard work!