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Why Every Business Needs a Website

Website design services are valuable to every type of business owner. Roughly 90% of modern consumers start their search for products and services online. From the locally-based Los Angeles company to the large-scale eCommerce operator, each type of entity benefits from having a website. This site stands as your digital presence before an online world of prospects. 

Businesses that have a well-designed website automatically have more credibility, have an easier time nurturing leads, and have a stronger brand presence. Even when your brick-and-mortar business is not open to the public, your website keeps your business visible and engaged with your target audience. Without a website, many of a business’s potential profit-enhancing opportunities are lost. 

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Pros & Cons

Made-for-you Website Design

On the fence about using a website builder or going with custom website design? Basic website builders are cheap and highly accessible, but these platforms generate cookie-cutter websites that don’t yield the best outcomes. By contrast, custom websites built by true professionals offer a number of advantages.

Better SEO Results

Basic websites built with website builders often lack the foundational elements for optimal functionality. Made-for-you website design offers faster loading times and keeps users on the site for longer. These factors affect search engine rankings dramatically.

Increased Conversions and Profits

The improved user experience makes it more likely that site visitors will turn into paying clients or customers. Therefore, custom website design could easily translate into higher levels of profit.


In spite of heightened up-front costs, custom website design gives you more for your money. You get better security and a better customer journey. Plus, you won’t have to pay to recover after a malware attack or for never-ending upgrades just to keep the website functional and safe.


Cookie-cutter websites rarely offer you the ability to integrate unique features specifically tailored to your brand or business. By contrast, custom website design is created specifically around the needs of your business and can offer automated business-related processes.


Custom website design ensure your brand stands out from the crowd. If your website looks like a million others, it is difficult to establish a recognizable brand identity in a highly saturated arena.

Cons of Custom Websites

As far as cons of custom website design, there are truly few to speak about.

Higher Up-front Costs

The higher up-front cost is negated by the fact that you get a team of professional website designers that bring everything you need from a website to the table: Brand identity, custom user experience, security, and functionality. Our unique creative website designer minds and some of the best coders in the industry work on your project.

Time for Development

Even though custom website design requires a longer development time, the general rule applies that greater things naturally take more time—Rome wasn’t built in a day! The added time is well worth the eventual outcome!

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Necessities to Run an Effective Business Website

Reliable Website Hosting

Ever wonder where websites live? Your website is a bit like your virtual home, and that home lives in a neighborhood of sorts, which is the webserver. Website hosts are kind of like the mayor of that neighborhood; they are in charge of the files that make up the pages of your website and what servers that information is stored on. With that being said, you want your website host to be totally reliable with a good reputation. After all, you don’t want your neighbors (the other websites on the same server as you) to be virus farms or porn hubs. Even though your neighbors may have no direct affiliation with you and your business, search engines can see you as shady if you
 and shady neighbors are on the same web server.

A Domain Name (URL)

A domain name that includes your business name is a bit like
a street name—it lets people know where they are at all times. 
You want the domain name short and memorable enough that it
is easily recalled. Further, an easy to type, SEO-friendly name with the proper extension is best. Working with a pro for this process can be really important. As a side note, you need control over your domain name for the long term, which is why our website design company doesn’t buy domain names in her name. 

Secure Data Storage

A business website can require a substantial amount of data storage. Data storage needs to be utterly secure, easily accessed when you need to access data, and properly backed up. Plus, you need a scalable data storage solution that grows 
with your business.

A Verified Corporate Email

Your website needs a contact point via email, so you must have
 a verifiable corporate email set up through MX records for email exchange. The process can be a bit complicated, so entrusting 
a professional website design agency  is always a good idea. If your website is your virtual house, this verified corporate email is a bit like your mailbox, and just as federal laws protect your mail, you want an email exchange setup that is perfectly secure for your business and your customers. 

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Did you know that less than 64 percent of small businesses actually have a website? Even more concerning, 58 percent of small businesses intend to build a website of their own. Most will take the route of using a DIY platform that offers a website builder or template.

While these DIY website builders can sometimes yield nice results, they also have their shortcomings. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of website builders versus custom website building with a pro.

Website Builder
  • Some are cheap, but you do have to pay extra to keep the website safe
  • Can be good for a range of different types of very basic websites
  • You usually have a limited number of site templates to choose from
  • Complicated sites simply don't function well when pre-built
  • With no experience, building a functional website is hard to do
  • Low loading, and dysfunctional plug-ins breed distrust
  • Little to no help with SEO
Custom Website Design
  • A better-designed website keeps users on the site for longer
  • The improved user experience turns into paying clients or customers
  • Custom websites give you more for your money
  • A custom website is built specifically around the needs of your business
  • Custom websites ensure your brand doesn't look like a million others
  • Higher up-front costs
  • Longer development times
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How the Best Business Websites Function

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Perfectly Manageable

Good website design companies provide businesses with built-in management tools to handle things like security, analyzing performance, and deterring spam. As you manage your website for the long term, these functions allow you to keep your website optimized for your visitors.

Communicates a value proposition

Best website design give customers a clear benefit by communicating what the customer will receive by choosing your product or service. Oftentimes, the value proposition is posed as a challenge or problem your target customer faces and poises you as the problem solver.

Offers an Engaging, Memorable

Your website design must stand out from the crowd with premium graphics unique to your business and brand personality. The best websites also offer scannability, which means the content is easy to take in and digest quickly, is broken up into skimmable sections, and free of distractions.

Perfect Responsiveness

Remember, 40% of users head to a competitor’s site if they have trouble accessing yours. Therefore, website design should respond as a customer would expect, whether they are clicking on a call-to-action button or using the navigation menu.

Mobile Friendliness

Up to 88% of people call or go to a business within two hours of searching for it on a mobile device. When it comes to website design, you want people to have no trouble with accessing it, no matter what device they may be using.

Easy Navigation

Website design must offer a structure that caters to your audience. Inbound links, which are links between different content pieces or pages on your site, are a good way to keep people on your website longer, build engagement, and lower bounce rates. As a bonus, SEO improves with inbound links. Clear navigation buttons make 
it simple to get from one page to the next.

Converts Leads to Sales

A well-designed business website always offers clear CTAs to lead customers through the sales funnel in a logical fashion. For example, you want a site visitor to see clear points where they can take action
to purchase a product or learn more about your service.

Meet the Team

Our website design Process

Research and Moodboard 
Research and Moodboard 

First, we research concepts used in the specific industry and what could make a business stand out from competitors. Then, we create two color palettes for clients to choose from, as well as provocative moodboards complete with font styles, themes, and color options.  

Mood board creation

After creating the moodboards and pinning down certain details, we pull together two design concepts. These concepts represent the main screens of the future website. Each design concept conveys a certain theme or idea, such as emotional and experimental. 


After a client chooses which concept speaks to their goals or values, our website designers create page mockups for the site. These pages will include Home, About, Contact, Services, and others needed to complete the site. 

Mockup creation

The backend development involves configuring and implementing elements like graphics, imagery, video, and more. Our website design company also focuses on developing SEO-rich content and getting the website properly listed on search engines.

QA and Launch 
QA and Launch 

Right before launch, the team goes through an in-depth quality assurance process to achieve optimal functionality. Then, the new website is ready for launch. After launch, we continue to assess the site for proper functionality, site traffic, and any glitches that need to be addressed. 

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Why Choose Us to Create a Website for You

From financial agencies and non-profit organizations to construction companies, Deesse Media tackles business website design for clients in a vast collection of industries in Los Angeles.

When it comes to creating a website for your business, we understand why your preferences and ideas are important, so we offer personalized services and an individual approach. We encourage your involvement by offering style guides for each project, so you can choose
things like typography and colors.

When you entrust the monumental task of creating a website for your business to us, we want you to be perfectly satisfied with the result. So much so, we offer on-demand training, which includes tutorial videos on how to alter or maintain your new website for the long term.

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What should I know before creating a custom website design?

During custom website design, your feedback and involvement are crucial. We work with you as your business partner to bring your ideas to life. At Deesse media, we only move to the next step with your approval of what we’ve done so far. For example, we create color palettes, allow you to choose options, and then move on to the concept phase.  

How to choose the best website design company?

Not every website design company offers quality services. When finding the right website design services, always look at their portfolio of previous work and read customer reviews. Additionally, make sure the company is transparent about things like domain ownership and site hosting. 

How much does it cost to design and develop a custom website?

A number of factors influence the final cost of building a custom website. For example, the number of pages a website needs can play a role. Certain interactive elements, such as animations and custom functions like cost estimators or quizzes naturally mean a higher end cost.

How long does it take to design and develop a custom website?

Typically, our website design services take 30 days and up depending on the complexity of the project and the specific design elements used. Our website designers do not use any pre-made templates—we build everything from scratch, which does take a bit of extra time. 

Will I be able to update and run my site myself after it’s built?

Absolutely. Our website design methodologies are simplistic enough that clients can step in and manage the site after our job is done. We’ll even provide video tutorials on how to manage, update, and monitor your website for the years to come


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